Labradorite & rose quartz extra long necklace, sterling silver chain, handmade jewelry

Love & Joy Necklace, Rose Quartz & Labradorite

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Labradorite with Pink Rose Quartz on Sterling Chain

Labradorite and rose quartz mesmerize. Sterling silver chain.

20" L.

    • Joy: Labradorite amplifies happiness, joy, and security.
    • Love: Rose Quartz encourages all types of love, a high energy quartz.

Smitten Handmade Jewelry

Smitten is beautifully packaged on cards that include information on the energetic properties of each stone. When given, this shares your love and support with the recipient. Wearing these pieces reminds us of our most valued intentions and goals, and of our loved ones support.

At Smitten we celebrate and encourage creativity, innovation, and fun. Part of proceeds go to organizations that share our focus. Getting kids outside is powerful in encouraging their creativity and confidence, so we enthusiastically support our local forest school with a portion of our proceeds.